About the company

What do these guys do?

Launchpad Five One Six

It started as a boutique management consulting firm, but we have evolved...

The original vision

Launchpad Five One Six is a management consulting firm that focuses on helping companies evaluate and correct problems, as well as prepare for and execute their growth strategies.  We focus on specific areas of business such as operations, sales, marketing, IT, and accounting, as well as having the ability to encompass the entire spectrum of management consulting into a single project.  Launchpad Five One Six has the ability, resources, and innovative thinking to collaborate with companies of any size and produce change from within.
Whether you have chosen Launchpad Five One Six to focus on a specific facet of your business, or to perform a complete business consultation, we have the resources to develop solutions for any problematic issues that your company is facing.  Launchpad has the ability to perform a full analysis of operations, human resources, financials, marketing, IT, and more, to help your company reach its desired outcome.

The evolution

Evolution is inevitable. Through the proven success of our clients and the resources that success has provided Launchpad Five One Six, we have continually reinvested in expanding our knowledgeable and skillset. We have always prided ourselves on our reach into areas that are not typical of management consulting firms, but it is that reach that sets us apart. Since our inception in 2013, we have grown from a full spectrum management consultancy that has now become a success consultancy, which is the umbrella for numerous sub-divisions such as Media Convergence (a full service creative digital marketing agency), The Leadership Experience (our leadership and executive coaching division) and The Studio at Launchpad (full service production studio). Our management consulting services remain as sharp as ever and we have become one of the leading turnaround consulting firms in the New York area.

What hasn't changed...

At our heart, we are a business consulting firm. Business strategy, business turnaround, change management…all of this is the core of our business. It is due to the success of our product for our clients that we have been able to transform into a SUCCESS CONSULTANCY with no limitations on what we can do. The difference between a management consultancy and a success consultancy?More tools to help you succeed. No limitations on HOW we can help you succeed.We continue to be located on the 110 business corridor in the heart of Farmingdale, NY. We are a boutique firm and we believe that our commitment to excellence is based on the notion that we NEED to remain small enough in size to focus on our clients’ needs, while we continue to invest in our growth of knowledge and experience.  That is our number one priority.  We believe that commerce starts on “Main Street” and that’s why Launchpad Five One Six has based its operations on the main street running through most of Long Island.


How does Launchpad Five One Six perform consulting services?

Five Step Consulting Process



Entry is the point where we make first contact with you, the client. We perform a preliminary problem diagnosis. At that point, we formulate a proposal and go in to contract with the client.



Diagnosis is one of the most important phases of our consulting process. This is where our consultants perform a purpose analysis, problem analysis, and analytics and metrics analysis. We conduct an intensive fact finding project and eventually formulate our analysis and synthesis. Our consultants will then provide feedback to the client based on our findings.


Action Planning

The third phase of our consulting process is where we begin to develop solutions. Once solutions are developed and alternatives have been evaluated, we then present our final proposal to the client. Planning for implementation begins after proposal acceptance.



The implementation phase is the execution of the action planning phase. We assist in the implementation of our solutions and coach our clients to have the ability to self sustain these action plans. Along the way we will adjust the proposals and continue to tailor them to your business. We also perform any training that may have been part of the action plan.



This is the fifth and final step in completing our job with your company. We perform an evaluation and present a final report on our consultation. Launchpad Five One Six will not withdraw from the project unless there is absolute certainty that the company can self sustain the executed action plan without our assistance. We set final commitments with ownership, management, and employees to ensure the success of our project. At this point we make our plans for a follow-up evaluation and leave your company in your more than capable hands.