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Humor in the Office: Are Funny People More Successful In Business?

I'm so torn on this subject.  The management and organization consultant in me says that the court jester in your office will lead in inefficiency and lower productivity.  The non-analytical side of me says that every person I've every worked with that brought a smile to everyone's face and broke up the monotony was a…
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So, You Thought Social Media Driving Your Business’ Revenue was a Myth? #Hashtag, Think Again.

Fallon's at it again.  We don't want you to think that The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is a client of ours that pays us to mention them.  The reason for the second blog post in a week about The Tonight Show is that we can all, as business owners, take a lesson from Jimmy Fallon and his entertaining way of linking his product to social media.  Yes, it's NBC.  Yes, their marketing machine is bigger then you could ever imagine your being, but this is a prime example of #sizedoesntmatter.  Social media is not the rich man's advertising, so let's take advantage while it's still free.  The article below, via Wall Street Journal, really gives some good insight on how much viewership was driven to the show as a result of his content being built to become a #hashtag.  We've also embedded a YouTube video into this post, of a skit that he performed after this article was written.  It's the sequel to the original #hashtag skit with Justin Timberlake (which had 22 million hits and counting).  The #hashtag2 edition features Jonah Hill and had the social media community abuzz with trending hashtags left and right.  Here's a list of things that were trending as a result of this 2 minute video:

  • #livinlavidamocha
  • #blessed
  • #hashtag2
  • #hashtag
  • #yeababy
  • #mywife
  • #realtalk
  • #gettinmywizardon
  • #timeflies
  • #friends
  • #couldwebeanyolder
  • #chandler
  • #bing
  • #searchengine
  • #chandlergoogle
  • #sonoonetoldyoulifewasgonnabethisway
  • #clapclapclapclap

As a business, you could only wish for one trending hashtag to be linked to your social media profile, let alone all these.  It works, folks.  It's 2014.  Accept it.  Enjoy the clip.

Will Jimmy Fallon Get the Last Laugh on Social Media? #Hashtag #TonightShow