Business Tip: Business deals can be a tricky thing. Watch your P’s & Q’s.

Business deals can be tricky, but the right deal can mean the turning point for a business, either good or bad. Interested read below about the Silnas Brothers who brokered a deal with the NBA in 1976 as part of the ABA merger. The deal cost the NBA $1 million in '76, but to date has netted the Silnas Bros. over $300 million. The contract is so iron clad that it goes indefinitely and the NBA is having a heck of a time trying to buy it out. If you sign a contract, don't be impulsive and near sighted to get the deal done. Thanks to #prosperousinvestments for the article. #forwardthinking #nbafail #silnaswin

NBA & Silnas Brothers Still Negotiating Crazy 1976 Contract

via Huffington Post

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