The Culture at Your Company is Tainted. Morale is Destroyed. Now What?

Have you been there before?  You know you have.  That job that you hate going to for one reason or another.  Your manager is constantly on your case.  One of your team members is worthless and you've been picking up the slack.  Workplace gossip is at an all time high and you can't stand anybody.  So if you've been there, then why are you allowing it to happen?

Owners and managers are in their positions because they have the experience and knowledge that took a good chunk of time to accumulate.  So if you're an owner or manager, that means you've seen it all and you should be putting a plan in place to change your organization's culture.  A tainted culture has the potential to destroy a workplace, decrease productivity and eventually hurt your bottom line.  Nip it in the bud before it's too late.  Call a meeting, call a something,  It's time to get back to productivity.

Great article via Wall Street Journal about some steps you can take to turn this ship around.

How To Change Your Organization's Culture

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