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OkCupid: Don’t Use Firefox. Didn’t We Warn You About Messing Up?

We' ve talked about this in previous blog posts.  If you mess up as a company, it will come back to bite you.  There are too many forms of communication nowadays to hide a "misunderstood mistake." Mozilla's decision to hire Brendan Eich (a known supporter of propositions against gay marriage) as CEO is something that…
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Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
— Mark Twain

Happy Friday.  Here's a quote to help you think outside the box...

Business Tip: Study Up On Public Speaking. Chances Are You’ll Need It.

If your business gets to the point of accelerated growth, you may find yourself outside of your comfort zone.  Bigger responsibilities, bigger meetings and bigger payoffs.  Going outside of your comfort zone can really yield some major connections.  Meetings and public speaking engagements can cement your position as an authority in your industry, if you…
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