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Entrepreneurs Are a Funny Bunch. Is Your Mate a Good Match?

Relationship advice?  Not on your life.  Opinion from a self-professed entrepreneur?  Sure, why not.  We always talk about having a good work-life balance and how important it is to your productivity and drive.  The cornerstone of the "life" portion of work-life is your significant other.  They can make you or break you.  That being said,…
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Business Tip: Stop Wasting Time at Work With Helpful Tools

Computers and mobile technology have made our lives a whole lot easier.  Unfortunately, they're also the leading cause of time wasting a work.  How many times have you caught your employees wasting time at work on their cell phones or social media.  Let's take it one step many times have YOU drifted off into…
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Discussion: Are Women Stereotyped in the Business World?

We caught a great article from BusinessInsider called The 7 Worst Stereotypes Professional Women Face and it was definitely eye opening.  Do you think women are stereotyped in the business world?  If they are, does it affect their career growth?  Let's discuss below.  
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