Monthly Archives: July 2014

Optimism helps us persevere. Life isn’t easy. But life is always good.
— John Jacobs

Let this quote reminds you to always stay optimistic.

Transform Your Vision Into Action

If you deeply desire to turn that long-held dream into a reality, these three steps will help you transform your vision into action: 1. See it clearly. It starts with two simple words: goal clarity. If the end result appears fuzzy to you in any way, then you will struggle to accomplish it. Most people simply do not…
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4 Tips to Hiring a Manager

Expertise. You want to hire someone with a keen understanding of industry dynamics and how to position the company for future success. This person will need experience with successfully taking over a business and working with the existing infrastructure to meet long-term objectives. Furthermore, there must be something unique about this person’s knowledge and/or relationships that…
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7 Tips to Guide Young Entrepreneurs

1. Passion. You will fail. That is part of the game. Your failures are most likely to lead to success if you get involved with something you believe in. Starting a business just for its own sake will leave you directionless, burned out and ultimately, back where you started. Choose an interest that you can be…
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