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The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.
— Vidal Sassoon

Here's a quote to remind us that if we want to succeed, first we have to work for it.

10 Ways You Can Blow a First Impression

1. You were wearing sunglasses. It doesn’t matter that it was the middle of the day and you were looking head on into the sun, your eyes are the gateway to who you are. They illustrate your confidence, sincerity and interest in the person you’re meeting, so do yourself a favor and take them off when…
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16 New Rules of Business

We spoke with a handful of entrepreneurs about their approach to business — and the rules they broke along the way. 1. Hire outside the box "I have learned over the past eight years that it is better not to hire someone with 'industry experience,' particularly when your product and business model is a disruptor.…
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7 Taboos of Business Pitching

1. Don't pitch every investor in your database. Making a successful investor connection is more like using and less like kissing a lot of frogs before meeting your prince. Research what individual investors invest in and be sure to heed their criteria and industry preferences. Investors have limited time and focus on specific industries.…
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