Monthly Archives: October 2015

How Do You Create a Successful Business?

1. Ability to See Beyond Today As a small business owner, you know business can either be slow or hectic. You may have a season of one extreme and then a season of the other extreme. More than likely your business never remains in a steady balance of ease. As this occurs you tend to…
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Recommended Read: Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader

You aspire to lead with greater impact. The problem is you’re busy executing on today’s demands. You know you have to carve out time from your day job to build your leadership skills, but it’s easy to let immediate problems and old mind-sets get in the way. Herminia Ibarra—an expert on professional leadership and development…
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4 Steps to Taking Calculated Risks That Move Your Business Forward

1. Balance your bottom line with innovation. As a leader, you don’t want to stick to the status quo, but you can’t completely abandon business as usual. This means balancing two competing priorities: maintaining your revenue model and driving innovation. The moment you stop looking for new opportunities, your business risks becoming obsolete. To identify…
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