Monthly Archives: November 2015

Personal Habits That Will Hurt Your Business

1. Lack of rest Without proper rest, you will take twice as long to do the same projects within your business running on a good night's sleep. A tired mind is a slow mind, yet at times we entrepreneurs burn the candle at both ends leaving no room for rest and recuperation. Stop wearing the badge of busyness.…
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5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

1. Believe you can do it. One of the most over-looked benefits to becoming an entrepreneur is that it forces you to confront your own demons.  While expanding on the different types of emotional barriers we can face is better left to its own article, here are a few general tips: Understand that YOU get to…
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5 Ways to Maximize Your Personal Network

1. Identify your influencers. While filtering through your personal network, start by identifying your core contacts, people you know personally and are naturally willing to help. These are your soldiers. They should fully understand what you are doing and your end goal. While building a marketing campaign for my Roo Inferno’s Kickstarter launch, I personally…
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