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"Think BIG, Believe BIG, Act BIG, and the results will be BIG."

Here's a quote to try and always do your best. If you're going to do something, especially in business might as well do it the biggest you can.

4 Ways to Be Accessible and In Control of Your Time

Major corporate brands have 24/7 help lines, direct website chats and even teams of social media experts scouring sites such as Twitter to make sure they’re accessible to their customers and clients at all times. While startups don’t have the staff to compete with these rapid-response machines, entrepreneurs need to be just as accessible in order to…
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If You’re Not Serious About a Business Plan, You’re Not Serious About Business

The debate around the relevance of business plans is one that continues to divide opinion. Although conventional wisdom suggests a business plan has a role to play in determining company success, increasingly, and especially in the startup world, some are shunning it. However, business plans are an essential component of business success, especially when you consider that many businesses fail.…
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