Monthly Archives: August 2016

Planning Is How You Survive These 5 Common Startup Killers

By definition, every startup is predictably unpredictable, since new solutions have no proven track record, startups are usually building a new market, and the world around them is changing faster than ever. Yet, as an advisor to startups, I see some common disasters, and recommend some anticipation and recovery moves that can save every entrepreneur…
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How to Keep it Real While Building Your Network

Conceptually, we all know that a network is important for personal and business growth; and if you aren’t networking yet, you should get on it ASAP. The question is “How?” A friend and mentor once said, “I know what I know, but I’m very good at knowing what I don’t know. The key is to…
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5 Proven Ways to Turn Failure into Success

As entrepreneurs, we put far more than our money and reputations on the line when we start a new business. We put a big chunk of our hearts and souls at risk, too. When we succeed, there’s no workplace exhilaration that can compare, but when we fail -- and many of us do -- it’s…
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