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How to Harness Your Momentum to Achieve Bigger

1. Create your 2016 business plan now. Give yourself four cheat months from September through December to build momentum for 2016. Imagine the difference you’d feel if you had an extra four months of workouts and proper eating habits before tackling your new, ambitious fitness goal. You would begin your program feeling more confident and that…
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"A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
— Confucius

Here's a quote to remind us to take that first step that will lead us on our journey.

3 Effective Strategies for Growing Your Subscriber List Faster

1. SEO Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the smartest tools for marketers. If you thought SEO is hard, think again. Because really, it is not, if you learn to do it right. SEO helps entrepreneurs to: Gain new traffic to their website. Convert visitors into leads. Convert leads into customers. In short,…
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7 Habits to Work Proactively, Not Reactively

1. On Mondays, write down the few things that you MUST get done this week. A trick of Sheryl Sandberg’s – this requires you to step back from the weeds to channel your inner “CEO of self” and identify the work that only YOU can do and that will move the needle. Other items can…
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