Recommended Read- Optimize for Growth: How to Scale Up Your Business, Your Network and You

As the CEO of a small business, you know what it means to hit the ceiling. Business leaders often struggle with four primary barriers to growth: people, profit, control, and traction. The heroic efforts you relied on to build your business from the ground up, aren't adequate to take it to the next level. What you need are the three essential resources in the Optimize for Growth Model:

  • A business operating system helps CEOs articulate a shared vision and build the organization, process, accountability and productivity to achieve their goals.
  • A peer advisory network provides valuable insights and advice from other leaders who share their experiences in a trusted and confidential setting to leverage the wisdom of the group.
  • A business coach keeps the CEO accountable and acts as a necessary sounding board and advisor to shape key leadership skills.
In his work with growing organizations in all industries, Jonathan B. Smith has helped executives implement the Optimize for Growth Model to foster their success. The book features stories of CEOs from various industries plus Jonathan's own experience building an INC 500 company.
Every business owner eventually stalls on the road to growth. CEOs who bring in the right resources can make the difference between staying stuck and catapulting the organization to greater profits, productivity, and traction. The Optimize for Growth Model provides the framework to scale up.
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