• Operations Consulting

    Operations Consulting

    We help companies achieve their full potential in a number of ways, working across the organization (integrated solutions) or within…

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  • Organization Consulting

    Organization Consulting

    Some organizations work. They accomplish what they set out to do and their employees are engaged and happy with their…

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  • Web Resource Strategy Consulting

    Web Resource Strategy Consulting

    This specialized division of our consulting firm focuses on implementation of web based strategies and improving your business through the…

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  • Management Consulting

    Management Consulting

    Whether you want to optimize an entire business, enhance business processes with technology, or simply improve your organization’s operational performance,…

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  • Marketing Consulting

    Marketing Consulting

    Customers are the source of real growth. Launchpad's consulting combines in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations and economics…

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  • Efficiency Consulting

    Efficiency Consulting

    Launchpad's efficiency consulting divisions is more simply an evaluation and action plan service for expense reduction.  We conduct a full…

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  • Growth Strategy

    Growth Strategy

    Launchpad Five One Six's strategy experts help clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored solutions to help…

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  • IT Consulting

    IT Consulting

    Information technology should improve business results. Launchpad helps companies make sure it does. We look at IT issues strategically, in…

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  • Business Start-Up Consulting

    Business Start-Up Consulting

    Launchpad Five One Six Business consulting group handles management consulting on any level, but our experience, knowledge and resources can…

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