Management Training
Management Training

Management Training

A management consulting service.

What does management training entail?

Launchpad Five One Six offers business performance consulting to help leaders develop their people, programs, and systems to maintain a competitive advantage in their field.  Our service delivery is unique to the needs of each business.  Although general employee education programs can offer valuable knowledge, the employee becomes responsible for taking this generalized information and deciding how to apply it.  Often the information and training get stuffed on a shelf and the potential business value is lost.  Our action plans provide for a method that will help an employee understand the value of their training and the importance of it to their success.

Frequently business leaders have similar complaints:  hiring the wrong employees, supervisors failing to effectively direct employee performance, dysfunctional teams, poor customer service, and not enough time in their own day to address all the needs and demands.  Work becomes a burden.  Launchpad Five One Six offers solutions to increase employee performance.

Using a high performance model, we help your business define key results and expected outcomes.  We teach leaders how to define employee goals, as well as boundaries and constraints that create an environment where:

Management training programs teach managers to align business decisions and processes with goals

Supervisors training that leads to coaching each employee to become a valuable contributor to the company’s mission.

Skills for effective communication are being used by everyone in the organization.

Team building training gets everyone working together.

Team members from the CEO to the direct delivery workers are all in alignment with the company’s goals.

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